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Touch Here offers up-lighting.

Did you know that Touch Here offers up-lighting for special events and parties?

Since many of you have asked us "what is up-lighting"? Let me take a moment to explain.

Up-lighting is a special effect lighting that is stratigically is placed around the room to enhance the color scheme or theme of the event. Typically the lights are placed on the floor and aimed up the walls towards ceiling, along side of columns or other accent areas.

Our up-lighting system can display almost any desired color. These colors are then used to turn great space into spectacular space!

For example: say your event is a beach theme. You may want to add aqua blue/teal colored lighting to help create that beach ocean feel.

Or maybe the event/wedding is classy elegant affair. In this case you may want candlelight, amber or golden color. Amber is also popular for fall themed weddings.

Our up-lighting can be used indoors or outdoors as the weather permits. Each fixture is wireless which means no messy cables to tape down and no electrical outlets are needed.

We do offer natural white up-lighitng that is being used mostly at barn venues. This kind of lighting is wired, but it is absolutely stunning.

At Touch here you can choose our up-lighting package by itself or you may combine it with one of our photo booths for a discounted package deal.

Contact us for pricing and availability.


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